Carbon Steel Flue Dampener For Tent

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- Keep cold air out: Made to seal the chimney when fires aren’t being run, so that the cold air stays out and your home stays warm.

- Send smoke away: Good at keeping cold air out that it can also be easily opened to let nasty smoke escape.

- Help control the intensity of your fire: Whether you want your fire to burn long and strong or short-lived and mellow, you have control over the situation.

- Air control: Compatible with the camping portable stoves, adjusting airflow and burn rate in your stove.

- Durable service: This flue damper is composed of steel plate with high temperature resistant coating, ideal in harsh outdoor environments.

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: Diameter: 60mm Length: 400mm
  • MOQ: 200 sets
  • Production Time: Around 35 days after receipt of deposit.
  • Model: CA10
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    Flue Dampener Description

    A flue damper is a device located inside the flue that helps to control how quickly warm air, waste gases and smoke are released from the stove during a fire, while also helping to reduce the inflow of cold air from the outside while the stove isn't in use. Before your fire gets going, be sure to open the damper, so that all of the smoke escapes through the chimney. But when your chimney is not in use, the outside air can easily work its way in by coming down through the chimney. This makes your home cold and uncomfortable, and it causes your heating bills to increase fast. So to seal the chimney when fires arent being run, so that the cold air stays out and your home stays warm. As your damper is adjusted more or less oxygen flows through your fire, thus allowing you the power to make it as intense as you’d like.

    The Top Quality Flue Dampener have a handle that you can access in order to open and close it. Compatible with the camping stoves, the 60mm diameter flue dampener features an integrated damper for adjusting airflow and burn rate in your stove. Available as a replacement if the flue dampener that came standard with your stove becomes lost or damaged.

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    Flue Dampener

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