Cooking In Garden

  • Modern Wood Burning Stove With Pizza Oven

    Modern Wood Burning Stove With Pizza Oven

    - High efficient combustion: Combined with the natural efficiency of wood, results in an extraordinary cooking experience, maximum burn time, and minimal energy waste.

    - Suitable for cooking: Ready in a few minutes flat. Reaches high temperature in 15 minutes and cooks wood-fired pizza in a few minutes.

    - Eco-friendly: This outdoor stove is powered by eco-friendly wood to create the subtle, smoky flavors of a built-in wood-fired oven – at a fraction of the cost.

    - Extensive use: helps you cook perfectly fish, chicken wings, roast vegetables and fruit crumbles.

    - Convenient to use: Features adjustable air vent for temperature control with oven thermometer to monitor baking.

  • Outdoor Wood Burning Stove For Cooking

    Outdoor Wood Burning Stove For Cooking

    - Easy-to-use: The outdoor wood burner is very nice when there is not natural gas and electricity around and it is also very convenient to carry.

    - Suitable for garden BBQ: No longer do you need to wait your turn to use the park’s grills, you and your family will be the only ones using it.

    - Extensive use: Allow you to grill a host of meats and vegetables.

    - Suitable for cooking: Get bold flavor and juicy taste when you use this outdoor bbq.

    - Durable service: Our outside log burner is made from steel plate with high temperature resistant coating for greater durability.

  • Outside Wood Stove With Oven For Backyard

    Outside Wood Stove With Oven For Backyard

    - Wide-range in application: Provides high fire power frying, low fire power simmering, backing, grilling, heating water and heating in one unit.

    - Durable service: Use high temperature resistant coating that withstands extreme heat.

    - Cost-efficient heating: Have specially designed a sustainable internal air circulation system to ensure the side oven heat.

    - Burning steadily: There is enough spac to hold the woods, keeps the fire going for hour.

    - Perfect for cooking: Have enough space area that you cook more than one dish at one time.

  • Best Wood Burning Stove With Grill

    Best Wood Burning Stove With Grill

    - Eco-friendly: Not only this outdoor cooker requires less fuel, but it also gives out fewer fumes, helping to keep the environment clean.

    - Durable service: Made from steel plate with high temperature resistant coating that will maintain its quality for years to come.

    - Efficient and Smokeless: The large fuel chamber of the camp stove allows longer burn time and more efficient heat transfer while producing low fumes.

    - Easy to use: No need to carry propane, gas, or other fuels with you. Grab a handful of sticks and prepare a fully cooked meal.

    - Perfect camping equipment: Suitable for all outdoor activity times, a must-have in your camping gear.

  • Wood Burner Heater With Portable BBQ Grill

    Wood Burner Heater With Portable BBQ Grill

    - Suitable for cooking: The flat top of the is your cooking surface, can be used to cook any type of kitchen ware in your kitchen.

    - Durable service: Composed of steel plate with high temperature resistant coating, ideal in harsh outdoor environments.

    - High heat output: Reaches the temperature quickly, providing warmth and heat to the space during outdoor camping trips, can withstand up to 600℃.

    - Detachable and portable: 4 legs design folds flat under the oven smoker, chimney pipe sections stow inside stove body for easy storage.

    - Fuel accessible: This outdoor log burner use natural sources of fuel, such as firewood, tree branches, wood chips, etc.

  • Double View Wood Stove With Oven

    Double View Wood Stove With Oven

    - High heat: Firebox design provides long burn times and even heat distribution.

    - Space-saving: Legs are folding and fit under the stove body for easy storage.

    - Clean and convenient: Ash tray provides undertaking the role of ashes, make the cleaning more convenient.

    - Fuel accessible: Use natural fuel sources such as firewood, branches, wood chips, etc.

    - Viewing glass: High temperature resistant glass windows allow you to enjoy observing the fire and inspecting the interior without opening the door, adding a comfortable atmosphere and overall warmth.