Fire Pit

  • Custom Steel Fire Pits For Sale

    Custom Steel Fire Pits For Sale

    - Smokeless: With the innovative Secondary Combustion System, makes the combustion more full and avoids smoke in maximum extent.

    - Safety in use: The design of sidewalls can insulate the high temperature of combustion to a certain extent.

    - Durable service: Steel construction with high-temperature resistant, non-peeling coatings. The pellet fire pit is long-lasting, safe & durable.

    - Extensive use: The built-in circular system in the bottom and openings all around allow for good fire airflow. Perfect for outdoor venue.

    - Fashion design: Features unique and stylish design that adds such a relaxing atmosphere to outdoor use.

  • Stainless Steel Wood Stoves For Cooking

    Stainless Steel Wood Stoves For Cooking

    - Wide-range in application: Perfect for you outdoor entertaining, will provide you with much warmth and a BBQ experience.

    - Small space fitting: Engineered small enough to pack into remote locations.

    - 304 stainless steel: Constructed from stainless-steel alloys, will withstand the extreme temperatures of fires and charcoal without ever rusting.

    - Easy to use: Minimal impact design allows you to have a fire or cookout anywhere without damaging the surface or leaving minimal trace behind.

    - Clean and convenient: Burns wood efficiently, leaving only ultra-fine ash that’s easy to clean up.