Garden Used Pellet Wood Stove For Heating

Short Description:

- Easy to carry: Only 23.5 kg, so you can transport, position, and install it with relative ease.

- Extensive use: Relatively compact so you can get reliable wood-burning heat in almost any area where you need it.

- Mass heating: Ideal for adding supplemental heat to garden.

- variety of fuel: Can both use pellet and original wood.

- Three viewers: Fully appreciate the flames burning through these glass, bring you wonderful warm sensory enjoyment.

  • Material: Steel Plate
  • Size: 42*34*58 cm
  • Weight: 19.3 kg
  • Fuel Type: Wood and Pellet
  • MOQ: 100 sets
  • Production Time: Around 35 days after receipt of deposit.
  • Model: XP-01
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    You can't do much better than this High Quality Garden Log Burner With Glass - garden log burner if you're looking for an easy-to-install, effective heating solution. This outdoor heater is perfect for camping, ice fishing, hunting, and use as a portable heating solution in cabins or camps. This portable garden heaters weighs less than many stoves, but it can generate a lot of heat. With large firebox volume can keep the firewood it takes to fight off the cold in those chilly months. The pellets stove is an easy-to-maintain wood and pellet stove. The outdoor patio heater real flames create instant ambiance and warmth in your outdoor scene such as garden and backyard. This part is feed port of this wood pellet stove. The feeding speed can be adjusted through this part. Add enough fuel and slow down the feed rate, it can burn itself for a long time.

    Pellet Wood Stove Details

    Material: Steel Plate

    Dimensions: 420W*340D*580 mm

    Box Dimensions: 440W*360D*600H mm( safety cage ships separately)

    Weight: 19.3KG

    Flue Pipe Size: 100mm

    Accessory Recommendations: For added cooking utility, we recommend 100 mm chimneys. Easy start up, simply poor fire gel or charcoal lighter on pellets and light with match, no Visible Smoke.

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    Pellet Wood Stove
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