Modern Wood Burning Stove With Pizza Oven

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- High efficient combustion: Combined with the natural efficiency of wood, results in an extraordinary cooking experience, maximum burn time, and minimal energy waste.

- Suitable for cooking: Ready in a few minutes flat. Reaches high temperature in 15 minutes and cooks wood-fired pizza in a few minutes.

- Eco-friendly: This outdoor stove is powered by eco-friendly wood to create the subtle, smoky flavors of a built-in wood-fired oven – at a fraction of the cost.

- Extensive use: helps you cook perfectly fish, chicken wings, roast vegetables and fruit crumbles.

- Convenient to use: Features adjustable air vent for temperature control with oven thermometer to monitor baking.

  • Material: Steel Plate
  • Size: 42*45*42 cm
  • Weight: 19.3 kg
  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • MOQ: 200 sets
  • Production Time: Around 35 days after receipt of deposit.
  • Model: FO-04
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    Wood Burning Stove Description

    This Modern Wood Burning Stove With Pizza Oven enhance your outdoor cooking and entertaining experience. The chimenea fireplace are the perfect way to create a memorable meal, whether you want to cook ribs, chicken. This outdoor heating is lined with refractory tiles, making it perfect for cooking authentic brick oven pizza. It includes two trays, giving you the ability to bake items such as vegetables, cookies, bread, or even lasagna. The possibilities are endless with this oven. Easily add firewood to the combustion chamber for the maintenance of the ideal cooking temperature range of 300-500 degrees Fahrenheit. The independent smoke and steam outlet will allow you to entertain your guests outdoors without being invaded by the smell of smoke. This camp oven stove streamlines wood-fired cooking for a no-nonsense experience and intense flavors. The outdoor heating is designed for optimal heat retention, which combined with the natural efficiency of wood, results in an extraordinary cooking experience, maximum burn time, and minimal energy waste. 

    Wood Burning Stove Details

    Shelf: 46*43 (W*D/cm)

    Chimney Pipe With Rain Cover: 78*11 (cm)

    Frame Size: 78*55*51(H*W*D/cm)

    Oven Dimensions: 42*45*42(H*W*D/cm)

    Dimensions overall: 198*55*51/cm

    Cooking surface: 41*40cm

    Accessory Recommendations: For added cooking utility, we recommend 100 mm chimneys. Easy start up, simply poor fire gel or charcoal lighter on pellets and light with match, no Visible Smoke.

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    Modern Wood Burning Stove
    Garden Log Burner
    Modern Wood Heaters
    Wood Stove With Oven
    Wood Burner Oven

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