Portable Stainless Steel Camping Stove With Glass

Short Description:

- Door features an air-control damper and a glass window for fire management and ambiance

- Large side viewing window for ambiance and fire management

- Level side shelves lend cooking versatility and double as a carry handle

- Highly portable- Nesting legs and shelves fold flat to the stove body; chimneys can put inside the stove body

- Wide 4-leg design helps keep the stove stable on uneven surfaces

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Size: 51.2x42.5x41.8 cm (without pipes)
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • MOQ: 10 sets
  • Production Time: Around 35 days after receipt of deposit.
  • Model: S03-3
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    Stainless Steel Camping Stove Description

    Our Portable Stainless Steel Camping Stove With Glass is a portable tiny wood stove built like tank. With a total of three viewing windows (1 door, 2 side), the small oven stove Double-View Medium Wood Burning Tent Stove provides an efficient heating and cooking solution with stunning ambience when in operation. Made entirely of stainless steel, this wood burning tent stove can take a beating and heat any canvas tent effectively and efficiently. The stainless steel camping stove is an affordable cylinder stove that includes everything you need to start glamping with a tent stove. A wide range of accessories and add-on allow you to customize your stove to suit your next adventure, without paying for any features you don’t need out of the box. This portable camp stove is a great choice for outdoor explorers that want their equipment to be as versatile as their adventures. Ideal for use in compatible canvas tents, the portable outdoor heater also works well in recreational shelters such as bell tents, and even tiny homes and vans when properly installed. Made entirely in 304 stainless steel that is highly corrosion resistant and durable with decorative twisted metal handles.

    Stainless Steel Camping Stove Details

    Product Size: 51.2x42.5x41.8cm (without pipes)

    Carton Size: 48.2x25x35.5cm

    Weight: N.W: 9.5KG G.W.: 11.5KG

    Chimney Diameter: 60 mm

    Accessory Recommendations: For added cooking utility, we recommend spark arrestor, flue damper, water tank, flashing kit and fireproof mat. These accessories help you emission of flue gas, make you away from the flue gas trouble, prevent mars from splashing causing safety risks and be excellent for melting snow and ice for drinking water, and when the stove is burning efficiently the tank will boil water in minutes thanks to its location at the back of the cooktop and the base of the flue pipe where heat is concentrated.

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    Tent Wood Heater
    Portable Cooking Stove
    Stainless Wood Stove
    Mini Camp Stoves
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    Foldable Wood Stove

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