Stove-fitting Fireproof Mat For Camping

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- High Quality: Made of one layer of glass fiber and two layers of silicone coating. Both are Heat Resistant and Non-Combustible Material, which has very high fire resistance, anti-permeation function.

- Application: Placed under the fire pit or grill, can effectively prevent explosion embers or grease dripping from damaging the wood decking, flooring, grass, and other surfaces around the fire pit or grill.

- Safe to useThe food-grade silicone layer not only has the function of fire and heat insulation, but also prevents oil from penetrating into the ground.

- Stabilization: 4 stainless steel edge grommets are designed to fix the mat on the ground under strong wind conditions.

- WARNING: Keep a distance of 10 inches between the mat and the bottom of the fire pit.

  • Material: Glass Fiber and Silicone
  • Size: 50*100 cm
  • MOQ: 200 sets
  • Production Time: Around 35 days after receipt of deposit.
  • Model: CA05
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    Fireproof Mat Description

    The fireproof mat is made of flame retardant and fire-resistant fireproof cloth material. Whether your surface is wood, composite, stone, concrete or grass, our wood burner accessories will protect your patio surface from burns, heat damage, heat deformation, grease spills, cement stains and more. Both sides are the same fire-resistant material, you can use any side directly. The wood stove accessories can be reused for many times. The material is compact enough with highly anti-wear, anti tear, oil-and water-resistant performance.

    The heating mat deck protector will not prevent heat from being transferred to sensitive surfaces such as turf or wood. When burning on grass or heat-sensitive decoration, you need to use a heat shield. Once the charcoal falls into the mat, we need to remove it to prevent residual heat from baking the deck or turf. At the same time, there will be no fiber irritation and prevent food from falling out of control and sticking to the fiber. The log burner accessories can be easily cleaned by washing machine, hand wash or vacuum. Suitable for fire pits and grills with leg bases. Do not place metal bottoms or other heat sources directly on fire pad surface.

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    Fireproof Mat
    Fireproof Mat For Camping

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