12 Volt Oven

This 12V electric oven for RV has been loved by the public since it was developed. It is designed with both kitchen style and practicality in mind, be portable and convenient. A dedicated pizza function bakes a pizza to perfection in minutes, lets you toast golden brown bread slices or cook pizzas with a tender, crispy crust in less time. It toasts, bakes, broils, defrosts and even cooks pizza, making your breakfast, lunch and dinner possibilities endless.

  • Portable 12 Volt Oven For Baking

    Portable 12 Volt Oven For Baking

    - Minute extension: Small enough to fit on your car room.

    - User-friendly: Designed with both kitchen style and practicality in mind, the oven stove electric with is portable and countertop convenient.

    - Aesthetic design: Cool-touch handle, slide-out rack, elegant stainless steel front and easy-clean nonstick interior add exceptional convenience.

    - Big cooking place: The wide interior and adjustable cooking racks provide double the space for cooking multiple foods at once.

    - Superior performance and versatility: Up to 180 Degrees Celsius, Thermostat Control, Timer Control, Anderson Plug, Merit Plug, Cigarette Plug, Adjustable Trays.