Outside Wood Stove With Oven For Backyard

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- Wide-range in application: Provides high fire power frying, low fire power simmering, backing, grilling, heating water and heating in one unit.

- Durable service: Use high temperature resistant coating that withstands extreme heat.

- Cost-efficient heating: Have specially designed a sustainable internal air circulation system to ensure the side oven heat.

- Burning steadily: There is enough spac to hold the woods, keeps the fire going for hour.

- Perfect for cooking: Have enough space area that you cook more than one dish at one time.

  • Material: Steel Plate
  • Size: 62x38x38 cm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • MOQ: 100 sets
  • Production Time: Around 35 days after receipt of deposit.
  • Model: FO-10
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    Wood Stove With Oven Description

    If you have been trying to find the best one, our Mass heater garden wood burning stove with oven has all the features that help you cook. The garden wood burners is a multifunctional stove that is suitable for the outdoors. You can cook with convenience as the wood burning stove lets you cook anything. It is durable and the best wood stove for you. The adjustable door allows control of air flow to fire and the front door is equipped with high temperature resistance glass for bonfire enjoy. And there is a thermometer on the oven door be used for temperature gauge. Legs are designed to be folding for easy transportation. The direct fire dishes and BBQ are possible with round cook top. Moreover, the wood oven stove has a modern wood burning design equipped with all the features you need. With its heat-tempered glass, the wood burning heater keeps safety intact. 

    Wood Stove With Oven Details

    Product Size: 62x38x38cm (without pipes)

    Carton Size: 64x40x40cm

    Weight: N.W: 30KG G.W.: 32KG

    Accessory Recommendations: For added cooking utility, we recommend spark arrestor, flue damper, water tank, flashing kit and fireproof mat. These accessories help you emission of flue gas, make you away from the flue gas trouble, prevent mars from splashing, causing safety risks. Water tank is excellent for melting snow and ice for drinking water, and when the stove is burning efficiently the tank will boil water in minutes thanks to its location at the back of the cooktop and the base of the flue pipe where heat is concentrated.

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    FO-10 (7)
    Wood Stove Outside
    Wood Burner Oven

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